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The Steelers won again! I would love to see us go to the Superbowl again. I feel like the game shouldn’t have been so close, does anyone else agree?

I won’t be posting for the nest three to four weeks. At least, I’ll be trying not to post. I am now up to my eyes in end-of-semester projects, papers, and reports. I really won’t have the time.


 I was singing along to Train’s If it’s Love this morning on my car radio and got myself think about the origin of the phrase “birds of a feather”. Of course I just had to look it up after I starting wondering. provided some answers:

This proverb has been in use since at least the mid 16th century. In 1545, William Turner used a version of it in his papist satire The Rescuing of Romish Fox: “Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together.”

The first known citation in print of the currently used English version of the phrase appeared in 1599, in The Dictionarie in Spanish and English, which was complied by the English lexicographer John Minsheu: Birdes of a feather will flocke togither.

The phrase also appears in Benjamin Jowett’s 1856 translation of Plato’s Republic. Clearly, if it were present in the original Greek text then, at around 380BC, Plato’s work would be a much earlier reference to it. What appears in Jowett’s version is: Men of my age flock together; we are birds of a feather, as the old proverb says.

Plato’s text can be translated in other ways and it is safe to say it was Jowett in 1856, not Plato in 380BC, that considered the phrase to be old. The lack of any citation of it in English prior to the 16th century does tend to suggest that its literal translation wasn’t present in The Republic – a text that was widely read by English scholars of the classics well before the 16th century.

I have also seen a similar phrase in a chinese poem, The Song of Unending Sorrow:

…We told each other secretly in the quiet midnight world
That we wished to fly in heaven, two birds with the wings of one,
And to grow together on the earth, two branches of one tree

Although the wording is not exactly the same the context seems similar.

Daily Topic: How do you know when to hold ‘em, and when to fold ‘em?

I will be the first to admit that I am not a good card player. I require a list of combinations for poker, and I am not particularly good at bluffing. The closest I come to deciding whether to hold or fold is when I play cribbage, which I love. There really is no folding option, but I do have to choose a card to put into the crib. (An extra hand that the dealer has which is comprised of other player’s cards.)

Most people, including myself,  don’t know much about Black Friday other than that it is the day after Thanksgiving and that there are awesome sales in stores. Out of curiosity I looked up Black friday on Wiki and came up with this:

“The day’s name originated in Philadelphia, where it originally was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving[4]. Use of the term began by 1966 and began to see broader use outside Philadelphia around 1975. Later an alternative explanation began to be offered: that “Black Friday” indicates the period during which retailers are turning a profit, or “in the black.””

On the website I also found this:

“The origin of the name, “Black Friday” historically comes from the retailer’s shift to profitability during the holiday season. Back in the day when accounting records were kept by hand, red ink indicated financial loss while black ink indicated profit, thus coining the popular fiscal terms of being “in the red,” (losing money) or “in the black” (profitable).”

Current update: the Steelers are 6:2 so far this season. Maybe we will win the Superbowl this year?

I’ve recently had this craving for a hoagie, with lettuce, mystery meat, cheese, tomato, onion, and italian dressing. The good kind like from the spanish club in my highschool.

Daily Topic: If you could make anyone in the world stop talking for 24 hours, who would it be? And why? And if you could make anyone talk more for 24 hours?

 I don’t know who I would silence for 24 hours, perhaps Obama? I get tired of hearing his Being Silly every day. I would make my man talk out of curiosity. I sometimes wonder what is going on in his head, especially when he is acting very quiet and pensive. I would love to hear how he thinks more often. 

After reading this a second time, that statement seems uncharacteristically girly. By girly I mean in a not-me way. I love ruffles and cute things, but I don’t usually have any curiosity for the thoughts and feelings of others. I generally believe that I am me and you are you and you have a right to your opinions and I have a right to mine. I don’t think that a person’s character can be judged solely by their view of abortion or politics or God.

It feels like I have already entered that crazy, oh-my-goodness-everything-is-due-soon part of the semester. Probably because I will miss class next Friday and I have exams this Friday and Monday. It seems like there is so much to do lately! It is so hard to stay inside and work when it is sunny outside.

School has had this soup special at one of the bistros on campus. Twelve ounces of soup and a baguette for $3! I eat the soup in the bistro and then buy a $1 cup of coffee next door to take to class. The best part is that they have changed the soup (flavor?) every day. It is a welcome change from my usual $4 cheese quesadilla.

Daily Topic:Describe the perfect sandwich.  You have up to $5,000 to spend. Be creative.

Lately I have craved avocado, so or course there will be guacamole. It will be a mildly spicy burger with bacon, guacamole, and tomato. Rather uncreative, but yummy.

Although this time I have no one to blame but myself. This time it is worse, and I must take both Dayquil and Nyquil to work on a seminormal level. I really dislike taking Nyquil because it makes me sick when I stop taking it. I wonder what is in it that gives such a horrible withdrawal? I take only half doses of it, and only one dose a night, to decrease the withdrawal symptoms. However, it will still make me horribly sick when I stop. Since I’m not in a particularly thoughtful mind today, I will leave you with just a Daily Topic.

Daily Topic: Name a food you used to like, but now avoid – what changed?

 I can’t think of any foods I used to like, but now avoid. If anything I eat fewer italian foods nowadays because I am afraid of staining my clothes with pasta sauce, but this is something that started years ago when my mother told me I had to buy the clothing I wear. Which may sound odd, but I like to buy clothes from stores where they are more expensive than she can afford to buy them, and she still buys me the occasional pair of jeans and whatnot. (I get a lot of clothing at christmas and such as well, though most of that stuff doesn’t fit.)


Posted on: October 5, 2011

Sometimes I can’t help but  think that I must be speaking a different language. Not to mention that my mind is completely messed up. I know that I struggle to convey emotions when I speak, I am often reminded of that. Even so, it seems like six out of ten sentences I speak are misconstrued or go unheard. In defense (and because this is typed, which conveys little emotion) this is not a rant. Just a sad thought at the end of a day where everything has gone wrong.

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I have figured out how to blog again! The site suddenly changed its layout and it has taken me all week to figure out how to write a new post. Now I can finally get back to blogging like normal! I have noticed a large improvement in my writing compared to when I started blogging. The proofread function rarely has suggestions for me anymore. Although this wasn’t a goal for myself, it is a nice thing to notice.

The Steelers are having a good season so far (2:1) not counting the preseason games. Who really counts those anyways? I am becoming as superstitious as the other women in my family by wearing the same outfit every friday for good luck in Sunday’s game. Does anyone else have luck rituals for their team? It seems uncommon to have a certain necklace, pin, jersey, hat, etc. worn to bring good luck outside of my family.

The Daily Topic:  What 5 books have influenced you the most? P.S. Or if you prefer, what 5 movies, 5 albums, or travels.

It is very hard to think of 5 “things” that have influenced me. I think I am most influenced by the people in my life. I would like to note that I have not ranked these in any specific order.

  • The Bible
  • The Harry Potter novels. This one barely makes the list, but as these novels came out I grew up alongside the main characters and millions of other kids. It has become a universal common ground among people my age.
  • The Lord of The Rings novels
  • All the vacations my family has taken to Florida. Although every trip I take changes how I view the world little by little, I  think all the time I’ve spent in Florida has affected my life permanently.
  • I seem cursed with horrible luck when airplanes are involved. For the first two trips I ended up in a hotel room overnight due to bad weather. (I admit flying through a thunderstorm was fun with all the lightning.) For the third we had to sit in the plane on the tarmac for 2 hours due to more storms.

It’s very rainy and grey this week, not to mention cold. Although, it will get much colder before Spring comes again. I am afraid that when the leaves change color this year the rain will blow them away before I can enjoy them. Hopefully not! I have been eating plenty of soup in order to stay warm including chicken, ramen with chicken and mushrooms, tomato, and tonight corn chowder.

I am struggling not to stress over my biochem lab work. It seems like every time I blink we have to redo something. It doesn’t help that someone broke one of the two microscopes we use. Now the class is passively fighting to use the microscope that is left.

Daily Topic: What is your favorite day of the week?

I have two favourite days. Friday is first because that is the day the man comes home from school, or the day that I go to meet him there. Then there is Thursday. I not really sure why I like Thursdays, perhaps because I don’t have class or because there is only one more day of class to go? I’m generally very productive on Thursdays as well.

This week is going by rather placidly, with the exception of my biochem lab yesterday. I don’t even want to think about that. September 11th came and went with little impact on my life. My man and I reminisced for a few minutes on what we were doing when news of the attack reached us. I was in my 6th grade art class when my teacher turned on the television in the room.

Daily Topic:  Describe your favorite restaurant in the world.

I really can’t pick just one as my favourite. Here are the top four:

  • Speer Street Grill (Speers , PA). A small restaurant with a casual, upbeat vibe. It’s sister, The Backporch, is across the street and offers a more formal setting for anniversaries and such.
  • The Grand Concourse (Pittsburgh, PA). It’s slightly crowded at the huge gourmet breakfast buffet, but well worth it. A piano provides lovely background music for the meal. They also have lunch and dinner, but I have only gone there for breakfast.
  • Robokyo (Greensburg, PA). Robokyo is a japanese steakhouse. This restaurant is great for a group of 4-10 people. The chefs are all friendly and put on a good show while making your food.
  • I also loved the restaurant in the marina of Key Biscayne, Florida, which faced Miami. However, the name of this restaurant eludes me. It had a gorgeous view of the Miami skyline (perfect for sunset dining at the outdoor tables).

The food is excellent at all four locations. The Grand Concourse is best for breakfast, and the rest for dinner.


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